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Guttær Print


Three-Layer Reduction Linocut — Series of 4 — 25x25 cm

I wanted to make something unique for a very special person’s birthday — something he could relate to, something that could remind him of his heritage. I knew I had found just the perfect motif when I came over an old photo from coastal Norway — in fact, he grew up on an island in Western Norway and comes from a family of fishermen.

The photo also depicts friends — it may even be childhood friends. People you have shared hopes and dreams with, but also disappointments and failures with. People who you might not see very often, but who you know are there for you. They might have easily been photographed during the 50’s, or it could have been the 30’s, or it could have been today.

The title ‘Guttær’ also nods to one of this special person’s favourite songs, by Henning Kvitnes.

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