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Prosessen — The Process of Making a Print

24th October 2019

A print is the result of a motif, not the other way around. I want my prints to mean something, to make connections not only to myself but to others as well, and perhaps even between me and the audience. Is it not sometimes hard to explain who you really are? Well, a print can be a medium — a storyteller.

I often find a motif that I somehow can relate to, if the print is for someone whom I'm very considerate of. I will then take that person with me through each step of the process – although not in person.

The carving of a new block is something I enjoy in particular. It is meditative and can be somehow therapeutical. It helps to sort out thoughts while carving away, and gives me an excuse to listen to endless hours of podcasts.

Being a lover of colours, I rarely wear black, with one exception — in the printmaking workshop. That is where I belong, with my apron on, ink on my hands, and no perception of time. I am very particular about how I want my final prints to look like, and often take several rounds of proof printing before I place a high quality paper on the press, I might end up rejecting half an edition if I’m not completely satisfied with them – something I think will gain my customers as well. You can always trust the quality of my prints.

Each stage of the process of making a print is equally important. That does not mean that I don’t care whether the finished product is good or not — in fact, in a perfect world, every print would be just perfect. What I’ve found is that if I’m able to value each stage equally, such as drawing up the motif, carving the block, tearing the paper — even feeling the odour of the ink – my appreciation becomes even greater. This is because I have enjoyed the way of getting there.

A last thought: make sure you stop and appreciate the landscape when you’re in it. Not only is it you that is in the landscape, but the landscape is in you.