Åse Vikse is a printmaker based in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. She is originally from the wild and scenic West Coast of Norway. Previously a graphic designer, relocating to Scotland provided her with the frame for a new career as a printmaker.


Åse attended Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, where she pursued a degree in Communication Design and learned to appreciate an organic work process. During her time at Gray's, she developed a deep interest and passion for printmaking.


Åse is fascinated by nature and landscapes. The unique history, heritage and traditions of the coasts of Norway and Scotland is conveyed throughout her work. Åse has a keen eye for detail and believes the steps involved in printmaking are all equally important.


All prints are handcrafted by Åse to the highest standards in her studio in Aberdeen. Many of her prints are available to purchase online. Åse is also pleased to accept requests for private commissions, please get in touch for any request.